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    Default West Shore Sportsmen's Association

    I am considering getting a membership to a shooting range and this one caught my eye because of the wide variety of ranges they have, classes, and location. Is there anyway I could check the range out before I commit to the membership? Google maps does not show a lot.

    How crowded are the ranges? I would be at the range weekends and during the weekdays at times.

    I checked their website but didn't see it. With the membership does that include one guest?

    I noticed there are some classes and practical shooters matches/practice days. Is there an additional fee for these or are they included in the membership?

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    Default Re: West Shore Sportsmen's Association

    Go to the Cumberland County section and there's a 3 page thread about WSSA with a lot of info

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    Default Re: West Shore Sportsmen's Association

    I'm a member. On weekends it's busy. But I've never been there when there was no space to shoot. On the weekdays you usually have your pick of ranges to use. If you would like, I can take you up as a guest so you can see how it is. PM me if you want to check it out
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    Default Re: West Shore Sportsmen's Association

    Evenings are best, hardly ever anybody up there, even on friday/saturday evening after 6...

    Like others have said, theres plenty of ranges to go too without feeling crowded... 3 main steel plate pistol ranges(1,4,5) although 1 is the best by far Most of the other ranges youll need your own paper targets.

    The IDPA/practical shooters practice is free, ive gone a few times... just do a little research online to see what you need equipment wise, and some of the basic range commands. The match costs money(20$?). Ive seen a few of the matches, and they have some real cool stuff happening there. But the weekly practice are free to go too.

    I dont know about the other classes, like handgun classes etc, but I assume those are paid.

    The membership does let you bring a guest(only 1 guest per trip) upto 3 times before they need their own membership. If you want to become a member, showing up to the meeting is the best way. The gates are unlocked for that.
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