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Thread: Western Pennsylvania Gun Trust Lawyer

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    Default Western Pennsylvania Gun Trust Lawyer

    Hello everyone. I have been lurking on the forums for a few years now and have really enjoyed the discussions and information on here.

    I am Benjamin Scott Johns, a lawyer working in Bridgeville, PA who writes Class 3 Gun Trusts (aka NFA Trust). I met a lot of fellow PAFOA users at the local gun shows over the past few months and finally got around to creating an account. Just wanted to make a thread in case anyone met me at the shows in Tarrentum, Monroeville or Washington or just has general questions for a local gun-friendly lawyer.

    Just as an aside, don't post any confidential information on the forum, just send me a PM or give me a call. Wouldn't want to expose it here or anywhere else.

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    Default Re: Western Pennsylvania Gun Trust Lawyer

    Welcome to the forum!

    I believe I have talked to you a couple times at shows. Nice of you to introduce yourself and offer up some help.

    Do you have any standardized pricing on trusts, or does it depend on individual needs?
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    Default Re: Western Pennsylvania Gun Trust Lawyer

    Would you be the type of lawyer to contact in the event of a self-defense shooting?
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    @Shodan- I personally do not deal with criminal law matters but I have a referral network depending on which county you are in. I work closely with attorneys who handle criminal defense in the event of a self-defense shooting and attorneys who work to restore and retain firearms rights either from a previous event or during the trial itself.

    @csementuh- The standard price for my trusts are $450, though almost everyone pays $405 after a military, first responder or second amendment supporter discount. Other discounts are available depending on circumstances and referrals. I also closely watch my competition and will match or beat their pricing so long as they are also barred attorneys.

    Usual completion time for the trusts is under one week from the time we get the information to the time you sign or we send the completed trust to you. The trust will still need to be notarized and then funded and I give complete instructions in-person, on the phone and via the paperwork itself.

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