Hello. I'm a new member but longtime lurker, currently living in Altoona.

I'm on a tight budget, and I'm interested in military history, so I tend to gravitate toward old Commie surplus guns. The range I go to is the Bellwood Sportsmen's Club, although my work schedule limits my free time.

I just purchased a Zastava M70A 9mm from AIM surplus, for $239. Haven't had a chance to fire it yet, but it seems very well-made and fits my large hands very well. This is my only purchase from AIM, and everything went perfectly.

I also had a good experience at Northern Supply in Juniata, where they did the FFL transfer for me. They are listed some places as charging $15, but now they charge $25. My experience was good, the guys there were friendly and helpful, and they had a couple brands of 9mm FMJ in stock.