I am looking for pictures to a hunting rifle, intended to be put into a "Deer Hunting" video game.

If you would like to have your gun put in the game, post some pictures of it from several directions from the holders' perspective of the gun.

I am going to attempt to make it slightly more realistic than some of the games that are on the Internet these days. The game isn't really intended to make money, it is more for Hunters to enjoy some casual hunting on their computer.
If you decide to give me pictures of your gun, I can add your name and a link to this site in it, if you want.

Here is something of what I want:

I want the gun to be shown (Not being held by anyone) in several angles.

The bottom pictures should be held slightly higher than chest height and the top level of pictures should be aimed up slightly higher.

I can always photoshop them though, as long as they are pointed in the general area.

Either way, if you want to post pictures or already have a set of pictures posted, please leave a link to them.

Thanks for your time,