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    Default MAIG Thanks Rep. Fitzpatrick of Bucks Cty.

    We need a good candidate to run against this two-faced, coward in the next election. Here is an email from Mayors Against Guns thanking Fitzpatrick for his help. I posted the fact he was co-sponsoring this bill a few days ago with very little response.

    Bob --

    The King-Thompson bill, which requires criminal background checks at gun shows and for online and classified ad sales, has more than 160 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives -- and your Rep., Mike Fitzpatrick, is one of those leaders who supports this critical reform.

    With the NRA and the Washington gun lobby more active than ever, it's crucial that Rep. Fitzpatrick knows that he has your support.

    Please send Rep. Fitzpatrick a message today, and thank him for co-sponsoring the King-Thompson bill to require background checks for all commercial gun sales.

    We have an opportunity to make serious progress on legislation at the federal level, and we're getting closer -- but we aren't there yet. Your congressperson's support can make all the difference, and he needs to know that you'll stand with him and remember him leadership on this issue.

    Thank Rep. Fitzpatrick for co-sponsoring background checks for all commercial gun sales:

    Hearing from constituents will let leaders in Washington know that we appreciate their leadership. This fight isn't going to be easy, and they'll need as much support as they can get.

    Thanks for sending a message to your representative,

    Mark Glaze
    Mayors Against Illegal Guns

    PS - Here is the letter they want sent to Fitzpatrick. It's now up to 92% of American want background checks.

    I want to thank you for co-sponsoring the King-Thompson bill (H.R.1565) that will expand background checks on gun.

    I am one of the 92% of Americans that believe we should require background checks for all gun sales, and your leadership on this issue will be remembered.

    Every day 33 more Americans are murdered with guns. The only way to help reduce that number is with immediate action from Congress.

    Thank you again for leading on this issue -- and please make this your top priority.
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