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    Default Lancaster County info needed

    Thinking of renting or looking to buy property in the future and have heard good things about Lancaster County. Any advice on towns, good or bad would be appreciated along with recommendations for real estate agents. I'm from NY and continue to be discouraged, need we go further? From what I hear, PA is firearms friendly in most cases, hopefully that also applies to Lancaster County. I currently have a PA non resident permit, easiest application I ever filled out and the Sheriff's office was friendly in my dealings with them. Looking forward to hearing back, good, bad or indifferent. Thank you.

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    Just about anywhere in Lancaster county is decent, except for Lancaster City. Lititz, is very nice, same with Ephrata.
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    Default Re: Lancaster County info needed

    The southern end of the county is growing quickly because of the aberdeen proving grounds just over the MD line. The north portion may be more affordable. Don't be afraid to cross the river to York county either, the cost of living vs. quality of life is one of the best in the nation IMO, and skilled jobs are still available.

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