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    Default Anybody do engraving?

    I'm looking to have my rifle engraved with my sons name and birthdate. Does anyone here do it or know of any shops in the Mechanicsburg area that will do it? I'm willing to travel a good distance if I have to. Let me know. Thanks. Ryan

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    Default Re: Anybody do engraving?

    Check Out Easton Firearms Refinishing. The owner posts here, username Brian Ahearn. Really good quality work on refinishing. Here's a thread started by him about laser engraving:

    I haven't had any work done by him, but his reputation is top notch here, and on the CZ forum that I frequent.

    His website:
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    Default Re: Anybody do engraving?

    Lanco Tactical in Elizabethtown, Lancaster County. They engrave, great guys, never had an issue.
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