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    Default Nice Little Drive

    On way to LANCO, stopped by Trops and picked up my one allotted brick of 22lr. I could have gotten another box because I had the wife with me, but didn't need it. Not too much on the reloading side and didn't see any 223/556. Bunch of shotgun shells, .308. Then went to LANCO to pick up lowers.

    Figured since we were up that way to stop at BPS-Harrisburg. Nice place. Nothing really on reload side. They had WWB 223 and 556 at the counter.

    Then decided to take a detour to Shyda's on way to Cabela's. They had most powders and CCI LRP. And 50% off all camo and orange gear, and 40% off Under Armour, and I think 30% off all Carhartt. They had some .45 ACP 230. I didn't see too much else of what I was looking for.

    Once at Cabela's, I grabbed a number, did paperwork, and after a two hour wait, got my XDm 4.5 .45. They were out of most reload stuff, but had CCI LPP. They were out of the usual 22lr, 9mm, and 223/556. They did have 308, x54r, and some "00", plus some others I cannot remember.

    Can't wait to go to range with the XDm.

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    Default Re: Nice Little Drive

    Shydas didn't have the XD for less than Cabelas?
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