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Thread: IDPA Holster

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    Default IDPA Holster

    Shot my first round of IDPA last week with some borrowed gear from a forum member here. I liked it enough that I'm looking for recomendations for a holster and mag carriers. I think I'm going to go with single mag carriers for now. I'll need a RH holster for a G29 and a 1911. Both guns are chambered in 10mm.

    So what do you you guys like ? I've seen a Uncle Mike's Kydex for the 1911 at my LGS for 28 but I'm not real sure about the quality. is your new home for coated bullets and custom ammo.

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    Default Re: IDPA Holster

    Depending on your budget, ComTac or Bladetec holsters are very popular. The 1911 is easy, lots of holsters out there. BlackHawk makes level 1 holsters that would fill the bill also.
    Don't know enough about Glocks but, I imagine a holster that fits a Glock .40 in it's respective size would probably work. Uncle Mikes would be ''ok'' as long as it covers the trigger. I'm not familiar with their Kydex holsters.
    I use the Blackhawk double mag carriers. You don't have to have expensive gear to compete and have fun.

    10mm? I hope your reloading and have easy access to brass, your going to need it.
    When I shoot IDPA, I usually shoot my carry setup. Great practice. USPSA is another story.
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    Default Re: IDPA Holster

    Holster and mag pouches for IDPA specifically -

    As mentioned, check out Comp Tac or Blade Tech holsters.
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    Default Re: IDPA Holster

    Uncle Mikes are crap, they do not hold up to the repeated and fast draws required for IDPA.

    When I shot IDPA I used a Bladetech. I use a Bladetech currently for USPSA.
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    Default Re: IDPA Holster

    I too use a bladetech. The drop offset is IDPA legal , and so I use it for production in USPSA or IDPA and just tek lock it on the belt.

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    Default Re: IDPA Holster

    I give you credit for using 10mm in IDPA

    I love Blade tech holsters. Their OWB is what I use for my M&P and 1911. I also like the Fobus paddle double mag carriers.

    Blade tech also makes an IDPA package with their Revolution line of holsters/carriers - price is excellent too

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