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    Default 2nd Amendment Rally Saturday March 2 2013

    2nd Amendment Rally Saturday March 2 2013

    11 am to Noon

    Bucks County Courthouse
    Corner of Court Street and Main Street
    Doylestown PA

    You support is needed now.

    Come join other peaceful, law abiding citizens who support the 2nd Amendment in a rally of solidarity on Saturday 2 March 11 am to 12 Noon. This rally is to show public support for the 2nd Amendment, oppose the current gun control agenda in Washington, and promote common sense solutions such as repeal of gun free school zones and providing armed security in our schools.

    The rally will be at the corner of Court and Main Street in Doylestown. We have notified Doylestown officials of the rally will meet at that corner and the small brick meeting area. We will spread out along the sidewalk - do not obstruct pedestrian and vehicle traffic

    We will have some signs but please feel free to bring your own and American flags. Slogans for consideration:

    We Support 2nd Amendment
    DC Gun Control is Illegal
    Leave us and our Guns Alone
    Our Children Deserve Armed Guards in School
    Registration leads to Confiscation
    “Shall not be Infringed”
    Washington is not the Solution
    Support your County Sheriff
    Law abiding citizens are NOT the problem
    Gun Ownership is a Natural Right not a Privilege

    The rally will start at 11 am and disperse at Noon. Bucks County’s finest will be in the area. Make sure to thank them (and Vets) for their service. Ask them to uphold the Constitution and not support any gun control efforts that may come out of Washington.

    Follow us at
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    Default Re: 2nd Amendment Rally Saturday March 2 2013

    By the way this is being organized by Concern Gun Owners Of Bucks County.

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