The Indiana County Bow and Gun Club will be kicking off it's 2013 IDPA season on March 2nd, 2013! We look forward to seeing you all there!

We've been hearing lots of complaints about ammo being hard to find. Therefore, this first match is going to have a low overall round count. But, not to worry!!! We will be having an optional "Steel Challenge" bonus stage after the regular match for those who have extra ammo to burn. There is no additional charge for the bonus stage and competitors are welcome to run the stage as many times as they want.

*Our matches will feature higher minimum round counts for the matches as the season goes on

Registration is from 8:00am and closes at 10:00am. All shooters MUST be registered by 10:00am. Cost is $10 for any ICBGC member and $15 for non-members. Please clear all firearms as soon as you get to the range! Thanks!!!

The match will feature five stages and an optional sixth bonus stage. The total MINIMUM round count for the match is 50 rounds for the five regular stages. The bonus round will require an additional 18 rounds (if you don't miss). However, we strongly suggest that competitors bring 75-100 rounds with them. If you don't use them at this match, you can always bring them to the next match.

For more information email John at

In honor of St. Patricks Day any shooter that wears a Kilt (of any variation) gets to shoot the match for free! Let's see who's up for the challenge!!!