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    Default colt king cobra price check

    so my uncle is over today and im showing him the new toys and he tells me hes thinking of selling his gun for around 500
    its a colt king cobra about 10 to 15 years old stainless finish with either a 6 or 8 barrel has a burris scope mounted to it which is the only thing i may not like since he said the gun maybe drilled and tapped he really wasnt sure he hasnt looked at it for awhile. ill be going over there this week to take a look and get the specifics. so what do you guys think?

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    Default Re: colt king cobra price check

    blue NRA 100% 495 , 80% 210 msr was $410

    Stainless 100% $550 , 80% $230 msr was $485

    "Ultimate" Bright Stainless 100% $595 80% $210 msr was $470

    thats what the blue book says

    i see them on gun broker selling from 300 and up colt doesnt make them anymore

    so kinda a supply and demand thing

    hope that helps

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    Default Re: colt king cobra price check

    Anyone ever hear of these coming from the factory ported?

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    Default Re: colt king cobra price check

    The "Cobra" series was post strike era, and in such much less worthy of the colt name then any pre strike colt. IIRC there was a recall on them some thing to do with the cylinder locking up after 500 rounds. Pre strike Colt revolvers are usually pretty easy to spot, if you pick one up, and it feels like some one buttered the inside it is so smooth to shoot, its pre 1986. Later versions felt like you where scraping metal on metal. (Dont get me wrong, they are still good, just dont hold the price range pre 86 guns do)

    People have a tendency to say "Stainless Cobra" rather then just cobra when in reality all Cobra's where stainless, the guns that where not stainless where the mark V series. In those you could find pre 86 or pre strike revolvers.

    To explain the strike factor here, Pre strike there where 2 kinds of Colt revolvers, the polished ones, and the Jeweled ones. Post strike, there was just one, and neither of the above qualified... It was raw machining and burrs. Post strike Colt went almost strictly for military and police usage. And if I remember correctly, the United Auto Workers Union was the new owner shortly after that. (UAW) Although a good Smith could polish a post 86 colt, the main idea of buying a colt was to not have this experiance and buy out of the box perfection.
    Pull Push factor, Many went to Ruger and Smith rather then to Colt in the police industry because it was shown that in combat situations, one was more likely to push on the cylinder lock then pull on it. Colt's are and always have been pull release mech on the cylinder, the only more complicated in use for combat or self defence is the Dan Wesson with its front release mech.

    Although I would probably buy a Colt revolver my self, I would do so with the intent of target shooting and not Carry, and prefer the older ones to the newer ones.

    The Drill and tap is not a major concern, but do look at the front strap to see how much burn is there and how well the cylinder locks.
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    Default Re: colt king cobra price check

    I have a 4" King Cobra Enhanced (that what it says on the box) with a recessed crown. I don't know what else made it "enhanced", but the trigger is pretty good.

    I paid a little over $400 (new) a few years ago. I had a choice between the Colt and a S&W Model 66 for the same price and chose the Colt. It's worked well for me from Day One, with no issues.

    I can't comment on what they fetch these days, but I have no regrets over my purchase.

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    Default Re: colt king cobra price check

    Sorry to post on such a old thread...

    But I ran across this by accident and wanted to clear up a few things about my bloved Colts...

    There was a Colt Cobra, Colt King Cobra and Colt Combat Cobra.

    The Colt Cobra was a alloy framed snubbie. It was the sister to the Detective Special...which was a "all steel" gun.

    The Colt King Cobra was a .357 magnum based on the Trooper. It came with a 4", 6" or 8" barrel and was built in BOTH blue and stainless. The 4" version was the most popular in blued..and was dropped later. But the King Cobra did indeed come in blued.

    The Colt Combat Cobra was the above King Cobra with a 2" snubbie barrel. Didn't make a lot of them...but they did make em.

    No Colt is worth what they show in the blue books...prices go by what a buyer is willing to spend. Usually much higher than blue book.

    Carry on.

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    Default Re: colt king cobra price check

    I have one with factory Quadra porting

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