Our February Match is on Sunday, 2/24. We are starting a bit later than usual because of new club shooting hours. If you get there by 0845 you will have plenty of time to get ready, help set up and attend the mandatory safety briefing.

Courses of fire are forthcoming. There will be two offered as usual. Carbine or Precision. You can shoot one or the other because they flow simultaneously.

For Carbine, expect movers and pop-ups anywhere from 100 to 300Y, and some short course CQB type work too. Plan on a small amount of pistol as well. Bring 100 rifle in at least four mags, and 15 pistol and you will have enough.

For precision, expect popups, movers, pop-walks, and lots of fun on the steel all the way out to 637Y. I'm probably shooting vintage class again (scoped Mauser 98k) if anyone wants to go all old school with me.

Online registration required. Make sure your email address is correct. I will email everyone on the roster by 10pm the night before if the match has to be canceled because of weather. If it's entered wrong, or your mailbox is full, it's on you.