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    hello I'm new here I live in Bayshore L.I. And am
    seriously thinking of moving to Hawley area
    I'm N.R.A. member rifle pistol shotgun instructor and RSO. Also NYSR&P member and several other sporting groups, my wife also shoots we have N.Y. State pistol lic.
    I belong to quite a few forums and enjoy them I don't have a lot to say but read a lot and learn.
    Any info any one can pass to me about Hawley area would be great
    Ed K

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    I lived in Hawley for 2 years. It is a nice area. You're close to two state ranges and about 12 miles from Heberlings indoor range.

    There are lots of good restaurants in the area and you're near the lake if you like boating.

    Compared to New York, the prices of houses and land is very cheap. You can get a lot for your money.

    You are going to like it.

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    Welcome to Pa. Very gun friendly state and we try real hard to keep it that way.Dont move to the Hideout. You've got some good gun shops in the Hawley area, one of my favorites is Hemlock Gun Shop on 590 between Hawley and Hamlin. Small shop but Bruce and Ed are pissers. You'll love the taxes here as compared to Bayshore. Buy as much land as you can I need friends with lots of land to hunt on.
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    Welcome to PA. A fairly gun friendly state. Not as good as Vermont where I lived for 26 years (they had no gun laws to speak of and VERY low crime.

    If you are a safe shooter, contact me when you get up here and we can shoot together. (570-729-7769).


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