I got burned by this guy back in December '07 who advertised a rifle as "Factory New" on a Gunbroker.com auction that I won. When I got it, it was in very used condition to say the least. The throat of the bore was pitted and worn and my gunsmith said that I'd have to rebarrel if I wanted to shoot anything with it. This dealer refused to take the rifle back as he said that the terms shown in his Gunbroker ad were "No Returns/Exchanges". He falsely advertised the condition of the gun as new and then refused to take it back by hiding behind the "No Returns" condition. Getting Gunbroker to help was basically useless. They said that they won't get involved when it is a dispute about the condition of the gun. I paid a new gun price for something that is basically worthless except for salvaging the receiver. My smith said that even the extractor looked like it had been damaged/replaced. I've recently seen feedback from another guy who got burned by this dealer in a Gunbroker purchase. I regret that I posted my Gunbroker feedback before I had the rifle looked at by my gunsmith and that I didn't give him an "F" rating. I asked for a receipt from this dealer and he didn't send one. When I asked him why he didn't send one he said that he had thrown it in the fireplace by mistake. Yeh, right. Beware of Hidden Acres Guns in Stanley, VA! Ask any seller a lot of questions (and for good photos) before bidding on Gunbroker or other internet gun auctions, too! If they don't send you the info. that you've asked for, don't bid!