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    Default Lackawanna Cty Sheriff to be Appointed?

    [Updated, Feb 4, 2013, to reflect additional activity and competing referendum]

    Scranton insurance man, Chuck Volpe, is organizing a petition drive with the goal of having an elected commission recommend options to the present three-commissioner rule.

    Volpe wants to see the commissioners replaced by an elected, full-time county executive who answers to a part-time county council. An elected commission would study the idea, issue recommendations, and let voters decide on the form of a new government.

    Volpe originally intended to put his referendum on the November ballot but, due to apparent restrictions which limit the way charter revision referenda can be put before voters, his referendum now needs to be on the May primary ballot. Apparently to head off Volpe’s referendum, the County Commissioners have rescheduled final reading of their question to February 5.

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    Lackawanna County Commissioners are planning to put a referendum on the May 21 primary ballot, proposing to amend the County Home Rule Charter to replace four elected offices (sheriff, clerk of judicial records, register of wills, and recorder of deeds) with appointed positions.

    Setting aside the issue of the three “back office” positions (clerk of judicial records, register of wills, recorder of deeds), the notion of appointing the sheriff is troubling.

    The sheriff is the senior law enforcement official in the county and, being elected, is in a position to directly represent the will of the voter. An appointed sheriff would likely represent the will of the county administration first, subordinating the will of the voter.

    The importance of electing the sheriff can be seen in recent announcements by a number of county sheriffs, who have said that they will not support what they consider to be unconstitutional proposals by federal officials to ban or confiscate AR-pattern rifles and/or magazines.

    In order to appear on the May 21 ballot, the referendum language must be filed by Feb 19. A final vote on putting the question to ballot is scheduled for the Wednesday, Feb. 13 Commissioner’s meeting.

    Additional details at:
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    Default Re: Lackawanna Cty Sheriff to be Appointed?

    IMO, Appointed and Elected people tend to be a bit more sensitive to the citizen's concerns. I'm all for it.

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