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    Default Gun advocate takes to Public Square

    WILKES-BARRE - Passersby on Public Square were greeted with an arresting sight Saturday: A man carrying a semi-automatic weapon.

    Jason Demnicki had a version of a Kalashnikov on his back and a loaded handgun on his belt. He also had political ammunition - signs showing his support for the Second Amendment.

    Demnicki, 26, is a student at Luzerne County Community College, where he said he's not allowed to carry a gun, which is something he wants to change.

    In Wilkes-Barre and across the country, people demonstrated in support of gun ownership and against stricter regulations on the right to bear arms, according to media reports. The response comes soon after President Barack Obama's announcement that he wants Congress to consider stricter firearms regulations.

    Demnicki said he couldn't afford a trip to Harrisburg or Philadelphia for events there, so he and a few others came to Public Square. With a Gadsden flag, his signs and other documents arranged on a park bench, he held forth on the subject of the Second Amendment. More law-abiding citizens with guns would translate to less crime, he said. College students with concealed guns could stop campus shootings and disarming people would lead to enslavement, read his signs.
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    Default Re: Gun advocate takes to Public Square

    A bunch of small protests and rallies can help as well as the large rallies. Glad to see he did something eventhough he could not make one of the big ones comming up. If we all do something even if it is a little thing I think the politicians and sheep will get the message.
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