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    Default Anybody interested in helping someone get back into archery?

    I've shot for years and enjoy it, but never really got "taught" how to bow hunt or do the work it takes to be successful as my dad was never an avid archery guy. I bought my first "adult" bow back in 2007 with all the intentions of getting in the woods, but I joined the Marine Corps reserve in 2008 and never got around to it spending more than half of the last 4 years on active duty. My intro to archery was being handed a bow and a few minutes of instruction. Don't take it as my father failing me, I shot a lot in the backyard with that Hoyt Raider, I just never learned how to properly scout or where to put stands, or anything like that. I went out once as a kid with the bow and didn't see anything. Got out once last year and didn't see anything.

    So, just got a new bow and I have a climber stand, and I have two small properties that share a line I have permission to hunt. I might sneak around there a bit during the late season and see what happens, but I'd like to find someone who can show me the way for next year. I shoot regularly, at the house, at Lancaster Archery, wherever, but haven't from a stand or anything other than level ground.

    I'm in Lititz and the closer the better. I have some places lined up to door knock for permission to bow hunt next year. I'll start there.

    I'd like to be able to teach my kids some day (both are under 3) if they want to pick this up.
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