The Revolutionary War Veterans Association (RWVA) would like to introduce you to a marksmanship program that we call Appleseed.

The RWVA is a 501.c.3, non-profit, insured organization that is staffed by volunteers dedicated to reconnecting the modern-day rifle owner with the legacy of the Founders of this nation, that of the American Rifleman. We do this by conducting marksmanship clinics through our Appleseed program.

We teach modern rifle owners how to accurately and effectively use their rifles in field conditions -- no bench-rests, no bipods. These skills will improve the shooters’ abilities, regardless of which rifle they have in their hands. Appleseed teaches the skills needed to accurately hit targets out to 500+ yards. These skills greatly increase a shooters’ confidence in using their rifles out to their maximum effective range, like our Founding Fathers could with their firearms.

Our hope is, that with these new skills and a renewed Rifleman spirit, that Appleseed shooters will “spread the word”, that they would teach these fundamental skills to others, be inspired to actively promote the Second Amendment, and continue to honor and pass on the legacy of the American Rifleman that was entrusted to all of us by our Founding Fathers.

Preservation of our heritage, our Constitution, and our nation is the goal of the Appleseed program. Education in Revolutionary War history, of the legacy passed on by the Founders, and the passing on of marksmanship skills are the ways that we intend to protect and strengthen the Constitutional Republic that they have passed on to us.

Appleseed shoots are a two day event, usually over a weekend. At any given Appleseed shoot, you will see M1a’s, M1 Garands, Springfield 1903’s, SKS’s, and modern bolt- or lever-actions. Since the bulk of our instruction takes place at 25 yards, with reduced-size targets to simulate 100-500 yards, many shooters bring .22LR rifles and gain valuable shooting experience with an incredible ammo savings.

Since our goal is to pass on shooting skills and a Rifleman’s heritage to those who can do the most with them, kids under 21 and active military members shoot FREE.

Appleseed shoots provide a basic marksmanship training program that teaches students to shoot any rifle (under .32 caliber) in safe working condition. Iron sights are preferred, however, scopes and/or optics are allowed.

Please visit our web site for additional information about the program and please contact us with any questions that you may have.