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    Default Long Term Storage Food

    Hello All,

    Long term storage food is excellent to have be it for a natural disaster or something else be it economic troubles, loss of a job to have on hand or anything really. You have various insurances for things you own - doesn't it make sense to have it for yourself and your loved ones food supply?

    EMac's Tactical and Survival Shop carries:
    Wise Freeze Dried Food
    Lindon Farms
    Survive to Thrive
    Mountain House upon request

    A quick overview of the 3;
    1, Wise Long Term Storage Food: 1 serving is 1 mean, based on a 1,000 - 1,200 calorie a day diet. Basic food break down would be -

    120 Serving Entree bucket
    120 Serving Breakfast bucket
    60 serving Entree bucket
    60 serving meat bucket
    84 serving Grab n Go bucket
    56 serving Grab n go bucket
    120 serving fruit bucket
    120 serving veggie bucket

    You receive more calories with the entree meals

    Entrees, fruit, veggies and breakfast have a 25 year shelf life. Meat has a 15 year shelf life.


    Lindon Farms;
    With Lindon Farms, 4 servings equals 1 meal, and it is based off a 2,000 calorie a day diet.

    Food Breakdown is:
    360 serving meal bucket
    180 serving meal bucket
    90 serving meal bucket
    150 serving entree bucket
    150 serving breakfast bucket
    150 serving fruit bucket
    150 serving tropical fruit bucket
    300 serving fruit bucket
    300 serving tropical fruit bucket
    160 serving veggie bucket
    320 serving veggie bucket

    You get a more calorie dense meal with Lindon Farms, and has a 20-25 year shelf life.


    We are the only dealer for this in Pennsylvania, and will remain that way via agreement.
    This bucket is a 40 day, 40 night 1 man meal bucket. This food bucket is:
    100% no GMO
    100% no MSG
    100% organically grown
    Gluten Free as well.


    We are the largest dealer for Wise Foods, Lindon Farms and Survive2Thrive in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states, so we generally are able to offer the best volume discounts. PAFOA members, I will do everything I am able to to help you come up with group purchases, family meal plans etc.

    PM and Email is always open and welcome from you.

    We are also located by the Pittsburgh Airport and do deliveries all the time.

    And as always - shipping is free

    Take Care,

    Eric - Owner
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    Default Re: Long Term Storage Food

    Been looking for a while to buy a large amount

    IN for group buy pricing

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    Default Re: Long Term Storage Food

    I am also in for a group buy

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    Default Re: Long Term Storage Food

    If you want, you can PM me what you are looking to get and i'll keep a running total. If you need help deciding - just let me know.

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