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    Default Bushnell and sighmark others

    Ok I have done these for lone wolf and also mountain house with sucess. I also have tried to do these for knives but have only done one on one here.

    The economy sucks, obama won re-election, and I figure I can help some people out and put a couple bucks in my pocket.

    Here is how things will work I will do these if 10 people order. I take paypal or money orders and obviously I will make the order after I get the funds. Sooner people pull the trigger the sooner I make the order. I am not in a rush on this, but obviously things are subject to availablity. I have researched all these prices to insure they are more than fair. If you want something by a manufacturer

    Bushnell sights
    1x25 TRS-25 3 MOA Red Dot $96

    1x32 Black Matte Red Dot $190 does not say trophy but reminds me of it with back up sights on top

    30mm Reflex Optic w/Gooseneck Mount $195

    Sightmark Mini Shot Reflex Sight $80
    Sightmark Tactical Red Dot Sight $75
    Sightmark Ultra Shot Pro Spec $122
    Sightmark Ultra Shot Reflex $80
    Sightmark Ultra Shot Sight QD $85

    same place also sells kershaw, spyderco and others. If you are buying an optic you can buy 1 knife for my cost plus $2.

    The more people who buy these the better I can make the prices for everyone within reason.

    I will come back and add some as I have to run out.
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