So as the title states me an my girlfriend (possibly fiancÚ by then). Are planning on moving to the poconos in about a year when she finishes her masters degree. Mostly because our family's are from NY and we want to be closer to them but I refuse to move back to that socialist republic.

We will be renting at first, preferably a house, condo or town home. The most important things are the area can't be "to country", its not really an issue for me but I don't want her to go into culture shock right away. Also it needs to be either along the 476 corridor or no more than an hours drive to Allentown since I will with any luck be transferring to my companies shop out side of Allentown. Also she will be looking for a job in a school district so a good school district is best. And obviously the lower the crime the better.

We plan on takeing a few day trips to scope out areas so any points in the right direction would be appreciated.