not sure the most appropriate place to post but ill start here

looking for suggestions how to carry xtra mags for my ak...have seen the old surplus chest harnasses as well as the tac vests but im not sure i want to look like a skinny rambo at the range or a threat/target if it ever goes down (aka shtf)
slung bug out bag?? any suggestions specifivcally (brand/model and where to find) searched the internet but looking for experienced users

i ask this BC, i am looking to take an AK specific traing course. again there are lots out there all over the country (and they require u to carry multiple mags) and even a local one (will be out of town for that one) am looking for a multi day intermediate AK class. all i do i =s shoot at the range, would like to get more skill proficient. would rather stay semi local (SE PA) but happy to travel if its something good