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    Default Chester County CCW Renewal

    Just went today for my renewal.Very pleasant experience. cost was $20.00 I was thinking it was gonna be $46.00 but it wasn't.
    Also they were very helpful in explaining the procedure for getting a sign off on an AOW. Over all a very good experience. Chester County is tops and very gun friendly.

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    Default Re: Chester County CCW Renewal

    it depend who ya talk to when applying for my ltcf the first deputy i talked to seemed like he was telling me to get lost, then the next one was awesome and very helpful... its hit or miss

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    Default Re: Chester County CCW Renewal

    Went for new issue LTCF back in December. I had let it expire about 10 years ago because of various issues at the time (medical). I had to do a new issue. The Deputy was business like, polite and to the point with no personal commentary. The deputy was very serious about his job and I think that's the way it should be because it's serious business. I was comfortable with that. The man took a good picture of me too so to me that shows respect and professionalism. What a difference from the disrespectful and incompetent drones at the DL center in Frazer. Thanks Chester County Sheriff's Department for executing your duties in a professional manner.

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