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    Default Savage 116 7MM Rem Mag Review

    This is the start of s great relationship.

    I went to the range today to rough sight in my new savage 116 7MM rem mag with Zeiss 3.5 x 10 x 44. All was purchased at Tanners. They mounted the scope and bore sighted for free. Rings Leupold PRW and base picatinny. They also adjusted the accu trigger to what I requested, about 3lbs.

    I got everything set up and was sitting at the bench when ouch, ouch, what the hell!!! I was getting bitten by flies on my legs. SO pack everything up, put the things locked up inside my club house, and then off to find off. Found some off at the local store and back to the range.

    Set up again, cover in sweat, and off. Set up at 100 because the guys who mounted my scope always have it right at 100 yards. Well, first shot down and to the right. SOOOO packed up, moved everything up to 50 yards.

    At 50 Yards I had 2 great groups. Holes touching. I then moved the sights towards center and then moved back to 100.

    @ 100 yards I was about 1.5 inches high and about 1 inch to the left. I shot at 100yards 3X's. It was hot and the flies were biting though the off.

    Ammo was Barnes Vox'tx 160

    I am going to order more Vox'tex and also try some Federal 160 Nosler Partitions.

    This set up will be used for anything in North America, bear, mule deer, white tails, and bear. Some day hopefully a moose and cougar.

    When the weather cools I will be back at the range and will also post pictures of the groups.

    I can not comment on the ammo for this gun, I haven't shot it enough nor have I taken any game. What I will say is I didn't feel more recoil than my 30-06. I also love the crisp lite trigger pull.

    The gun also has a DBM (detachable box mag) and makes it easy to load and unload.

    More to come when the weather cools.

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    Default Re: Savage 116 7MM Rem Mag Review

    ive had two savage rifles over the years bought in package deals. savage can build a gun, one was a cheap model that goes for ~375 the other a 110 in .223 with a nikon .223 bdc scope. when i took both out to sight in it took 3 shots that were touching within 2" of poa to see that they got their shit together over there. i dont think you can ever go wrong with a savage, some are a little rough around the edges but all of them are accurate as hell. nice buy.

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    Default Re: Savage 116 7MM Rem Mag Review

    Well let's see.

    I went shooting on Sunday and sighted in my 7mm rem mag.

    I was having issues with grouping. I would get 2 good shots then a flyer. I ended up going through about 20 shots.

    I went through 8 the first outing. Then I cleaned the gun.

    The outing on Sunday went like this. 6 shots, in 2 3 shot groups. 2 good shots then flyer or flyer then 2 good shots.

    I let the scope alone. At this point a total of 14 shots through the gun. I went in and cleaned the gun again. Running a brass brush through once and cleaning with Hoppe and then running an oil patch through with rem oil.

    I made sure the patches were pretty clean.

    I went back out and shot the gun 6 more times and the change was obvious. Two 3 shot groups about 1.5 inches high at 100.

    I actually felt better with the gun and it seemed smoother for some reason, could be mental.

    I will try to get a little better grouping at 100 but really my choice will be zero'd at 200 yards.

    I will try at Fort Dix range or another range here in PA.

    That group is about the size of a quarter

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