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    Default Where can I shoot non-paper

    Is there anywhere I can go to shoot tin cans and steel targets? I'd like to shoot from kneeling and crouching positions, and so on. Is the only way to do this by knowing a guy who lives on 100 acres? Where do I meet this guy?
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    Default Re: Where can I shoot non-paper

    Not that I know of all the locations, but the only place that I have been to that allows that is on private property. None of the state ranges or private shooting ranges/clubs allow anything but. Sorry

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    Default Re: Where can I shoot non-paper

    Delco field and stream only place in Delaware county you can do all of what you asked except shooting cans. the big bore range you can shoot off hand , crouched and prone . they have plate matches once a month but I think its 22lr .

    small bore has steel targets and steel poppers all the time.

    pistole has steel plate and action shoots of some type every Saturday. Wednesday night on the pistole range is 22 steel plate match after the match if its not crowded witch it never is the guys bring out the steel plates and pie racks for centre fire pinking

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    Default Re: Where can I shoot non-paper

    I know there are several ranges in the Lehigh Valley that allow one to shoot non-paper targets. I know it is a drive, but if you are interested let me know...

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