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Thread: Deer Hunting

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    Default Deer Hunting

    Its a bit of an odd request to ask strangers so i apologize in advance.

    Ive been deer hunting once....about....12 or 13 years ago or so when i was a kid. and i got nothin but a little extra sleep that morning. I would like to learn how to deer hunt and field dressing and all that goes along with it. Is there anyone around that would mind letting me (and possibly a buddy that also would love to learn) tag along this upcoming season and could show us the ropes? I've not got a rifle meant for deer hunting yet, but i intend on purchasing one very soon. Thanks.


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    Id be willing to help you out. i Just moved to Fairfield/Carroll Valley in april, i dont have any places to hunt yet, but ill try the state land till i find some places. I do more bow that gun hunting, less peopel bow hunting.

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    OP - youtube is your friend. Try "how to field dress a whitetail deer" and you'll get more vids than you care to watch. In a nutshell:

    - lay the deer on its back, open up abdomen without hitting the guts
    - carefully cut a circle around the anus to free up the intestines
    - dump all the bad stuff out, package up anything you want to eat (liver, heart, etc)
    - huck the bad stuff in a tree above dog_snacking height
    - drag your deer somewhere to hang

    That's pretty much it. Some variations needed if you gutshoot the deer (Don't do this. Seriously.) but same basic takedown of any 4 legged critter. Good luck.
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