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    Default Hawes

    So there is a guy on another forum that i frequent asking about a .357 he owns


    "I bought a .357 Magnum Hawes Marshall Edition off of a friend awhile back and was wondering if anyone has ever heard of Hawes? I did some research awhile ago but the most I could find was something about an American company outsourcing manufacturing to a German company, Hawes, either right after or right before the Cold War ended. It's still in pretty decent condition for being roughly 60 years old, but was just wanting some feedback on whether or not anyone else here has handled/heard/has a Hawes. Also, J.P. Sauer&Sohn is inscribed on it too, if that means anything."

    QUOTE (from a separate user):

    "I have to say I haven't really heard anything about them however J.P. Sauer&Sohn are the people that designed the Sig Sauer P226. I have to see some pictures of yours but If it is actually a design by J.P. Sauer you probably have a very nice piece. I would really like to see it to tell you more though"

    Anyone got any information?
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    Default Re: Hawes

    I believe they still make them. I saw one in a gun store recently, I'm pretty sure it was brand new. I handled it, and it sure seemed brand new, never fired. Since it is a single action revolver, I don't think it is a .357 that a newbie should carry.

    The counterman started to tell me about it being made in Germany, and something about the same campany as Sig Sauer. His business phone rang, and I had to go to work then, so I handed it back to him and left without finding out more about it. My first impression handling it for only a minute, and running thru the single action trigger, was that it did seem to be fairly well made. But I did not check it out for long enough to be sure..
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    Default Re: Hawes

    If it is a Hawes Western Marshall, they were made from '68 to around 1980 in (then) West Germany by Sauer.

    His 60 year old guess is off a few years and there are plenty of much older guns out there in fine condition.

    One in excellent condition would be worth around $300 to the right person.

    As a side note, EAA still imports a German revolver, made by Weihrauch.
    Retail is around $350 on these new ones.
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    Default Re: Hawes

    I've shot one in .44 mag. Loud and kicked like hell. Seemed like a pretty well made gun though. It was some kind of western model, 6 shooter cowboy style. I've always heard good about them.

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    Default Re: Hawes

    J P Sauer und Sohn made a pretty broad line of "Marshal" single-action revolvers based on the 1873 Colt. I recall reading a Gun Digest piece or some such article about the Hawes-Sauer "Marshal" revolvers and the author had maybe a dozen or so models listed, including the Western Marshal, Chief Marshal, Deputy Marshal, Chief Deputy Marshal, Montana Marshal, Texas Marshal, Nevada Marshal, etc.

    The centerfire Hawes-Sauer single actions were very well made by late 60s and 1970s standards, and are still very high quality compared to present-day Italian SAA clones, which themselves have improved. You don't see too many Hawes-Sauer "Marshal" guns in local gun shops and at gun shows because people tend to hold onto them. IF they do some up for sale, the seller is not a "gun person" and doesn't know what he or she is selling, or the piece is a rusty-ass clapped-out POS that's been abused.

    The "Marshal" line has been reintroduced in the past few years by some US manufacturer-importer using the "_______ Marshal II" name format. I can't recall who that is, or where they are made.

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    Default Re: Hawes

    IIRC, firearms branded Hawes were imported/sold exclusively by Herter's, which was a large catalog retailer, much like Cabela's (who seem to own the name today).


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