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    Default Which Range to Join? CSLC or KSA?

    Hello, I just started working in the Williamsport Area about 2 years ago and am looking to get back into target shooting. Which of these locations would you recommend? I used to belong to Buffalo Valley Sportsman's Association but would prefer one of these b/c they are closer to work so I can go target shooting afterwards.

    From what I have read this is what I have come up with. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Keystone Sportsmans Association
    Pros: Less expensive, can take a guest, $300 for lifetime membership

    Consolidated Sportsmans of Lycoming County
    Pros: Indoor pistol range (would be amazing for during the winter)
    Cons: General membership does not allow a guest unless they are a spouse or child under 18. Lifetime membership price is not listed (have to contact board, which makes me think it is variable)

    Do either of these clubs/associations have "open" days for someone to try out the facilities? I have not target shot regularly for about 10 years since I worked on a shooting range at Camp Karoondinha (a local Boy Scout camp) due to being busy with undergrad/grad school. I would like to get back into pistol shooting and eventually try some Hi-power competitions (this would be 1-2 years away, I need a lot of practice!). I've been researching the best firearm for those competitions and will be researching this forever (but I do not want to start that debate, I've seen it on other forums!). I plan on staying in the area for a lifetime so the lifetime memberships are appealing.

    Thank you for any assistance you can help in getting a sportsman back into the sport!

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    Default Re: Which Range to Join? CSLC or KSA?

    I shoot at both clubs pretty frequently and I first would like to say they are both good clubs.

    If your main purpose will be pistol shooting I would say CSLC has a better range to offer. KSA has a nice range and I think its set up at about 10 yards but, CSLC has backstops from 3 yards out to 25 yards which gives you more options for shooting.
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    Default Re: Which Range to Join? CSLC or KSA?

    I have been to both and both have their pros and cons. However I do belong to CSLC. I like CSLC mainly for the different ranges available, its closer then KSA, and KSA shuts down the rifle range during a sheet shoot I do not believe this happens at CSLC. But thats just my opinion.

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    Default Re: Which Range to Join? CSLC or KSA?

    KSA is a smaller more private club that is focused on Trap Shooting, IDPA Pistol Shooting, CMP Service Rifle and general pistol shooting. The Rifle Range is 200 meters. They have a nice clubhouse that is open to Senior Members....use to be $60 a year.

    CSLC is a more public club with over 500 Life Members ($500) and 1500 Annual members ($50). Both Memberships include spouse and children under 18 or in college. They have Archery, Skeet, Trap, 500M Rifle Range (100, 200& 380yd backstops) with animal swingers at 200, 300, 400 & 500M, NRA Sanctioned Silouette Matches for small bore, big bore and lever action, 100yd Smallbore Rifle Range, Indoor & Outdoor Pistol Range, CMP and Service Rifle Matches, Campgrounds with full hookups, Loyalsock Creek for Fishing, Swimming & Diving (scuba). Hunting is allowed all seasons except no Doe Hunting. About 80 acres of ranges and 140 acres of forest. Trap & Skeet have small clubhouses and the club has a large building for special activities/dinners/Indoor Air Gun Training.

    Both Clubs are nice and located about 20 miles apart. I have belonged to both at the same time but CSLC is a 10 mile drive and KSA is 40 mile drive for me. I have a Life Membership at CSLC but still have friends at KSA, Mike.
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    Default Re: Which Range to Join? CSLC or KSA?

    At ksa monday nites from april on we have monday nite pistol club. Open to the public and cost a buck. As far as high power goes dont worry about shooting good just come play and have fun. If you have a garand or an 03 we have m2 ball for 5 dollars. Idpa is a good time and your first match is free. As far as trap we even have loaner guns

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