So I don't know if any of you are familiar with Carbondale or not but there's a place called the black desert that runs behind the park. I've been in cdale for almost 10 years and my understanding has been that it was a public area due to the lack of no trespassing signs and the abundance of atv/dirtbike riders. I've called a large canyon in the center of the area my home away from home for about 2 years now. I usually go to the canyon for plinking or hiking purposes and I enjoy offroading with my Jeep on occasion. Today however was a bit different than usual. This afternoon the path That I usually take was blocked by a large hunk of concrete. I figured some of the kids on atv's didn't want the police chasing them. So no biggie. Undeterred, I kicked my Jeep into 4wd and took a path less travelled that was steeper and filled with brush. I then continued on my way to the "usual" spot. Upon arrival I set up my targets and my rifle when I heard an atv approach. I put it away as to not send the wrong message to any of the atv'ers in the area. In my experience if I'm already shooting they stay away from the Canyon. Anyway, this time the rider of a yellow can am approached me and informed me that the area was private property and that he was going to fall a tree in the path that I took. I asked him who owned the property and he told me that it belonged to a local hunting group and it was policed by its members. He didn't specify which group or whom I could talk to but I told him that I would leave promptly and I did. So my question is, who can I talk to about either joining the hunter's club or just for permission to use the area for plinking? Is there anyone who hunts there and can point me in the right direction? Or am I doomed to use the dreaded archbald shooting range?