The Indiana County Bow and Gun Club is going to be having an IDPA shoot on July 7th. It is going to be all scenarios, and those scenarios will all have a military theme to them. Look forward to seeing mortars, machine guns, trenches, sniper rifles and maybe even a grenade (all simulated, of course!) For July, all current or retired military personnel will shoot for free. Please note that for this month no concealment will be required! Also, shooters are encouraged to wear their military gear (uniforms, hats, morale-gear, vests, etc.) Any shooter that brings "tactical gear" to the shoot must remember that their handgun and magazines must still be worn in accordance with IDPA criteria (worn on the belt, holster and pouches in line with the outer seam of the pants on either side). The round count for this match is going to be 90 rounds for the first five stages, and 18 rounds for the optional sixth bonus stage.

As usual, registration will begin at 8:00am and close at 10:00am, shooting will begin shortly after 10:00am. Registration fee is $10 for members and $15 for non-members. If there are any questions, you can email me at or call me at (724) 599-9218 but please leave me a message.

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See you next shoot,