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Thread: Old ammo

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    Question Old ammo

    Does anybody know how to get rid off old ammo that I inherited. I know nobody is interested trying to get just one two bullets. There must be 40 or 50 pieces. Thanks

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    Default Re: Old ammo

    Quote Originally Posted by joeyj View Post
    Does anybody know how to get rid off old ammo that I inherited. I know nobody is interested trying to get just one two bullets. There must be 40 or 50 pieces. Thanks
    1. Pull bullets and dump gun powder around favorite plant. Then toss case and bullet in garbage.


    2. Toss entire cartridge in garbage that you will not burn.


    3. Shoot them if you have a gun with a chamber matching the ammo if the ammo looks in decent shape.

    Its not like you're handling toxic nuclear waste - so just throw them in the garbage if you want.
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    Default Re: Old ammo

    Another option: if you're near a commercial shooting range they may have a "dud bucket" where rounds which wouldn't fire for some reason are to be placed.

    They might be happy to accept the rounds as a contribution to the dud bucket (it's free lead and brass for whomever normally takes the contents of the bucket).
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    Default Re: Old ammo

    What caliber is the stuff you have? A lot of guys collect old ammo. if it isn't corroded it might be of interest to a collector. Post more info such as caliber, headstamp, photo, etc... and you may find someone interested in it. You may even have something of value.

    Several months ago one of my uncles gave me ten boxes of old ammo to get rid of. It is 8mm mauser still on the stripper clips and in the original 1939 boxes. The boxes and headstamps have the Nazi eagle. After a little research I found the stuff sells for over $1/round. Sealed 10 round boxes were selling for $20 at the last Lebanon gun show.

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    Default Re: Old ammo

    If you're just looking to get rid of it, you can always take it to your local police or state police barracks and tell them how you came about it. We did this when my grandfather passed away. He had ammo for guns that he hadn't owned in 30 year or more.

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