Hello all,

This is the second gun I've sold here, so hopefully I have at least a little bit of good reputation

Up for sale is my Browning citori over & under "special sporting clays" edition. It's a 12 guage, Grade 1, comes complete with a set of choke tubes and hard locking case. It has the factory option recoil reducing vent holes in the barrels, and a professionally installed "kick-eez" butt-pad. It has a recoil-activated trigger, which allows you to use the same trigger to shoot both barrels.

The gun shoots and works just like new. The action is still just as tight as the day I bought it. Never had a misfire or ejection issue, everything works great. As recommended, I always apply fresh grease to the tight-tolarance inner workings of the gun before every shoot, and remove the grease when finished.

However, I have owned this gun for over 12 years, and it has made many trips to the skeet range. There are noticable marks in the stock caused by the stock rubbing against zippers and buckes. The finish is also worn off in a few areas, such as the disassembly lever at the base of the foregrip and on the underside of the receiver, where the gun would rest when carried open.

This gun has brought me great joy in the years I've owned it, and I'm sad to see it go, although I do not really do much clay shooting anymore and it's just gathering dust.

I would like to sell for $800, or trade for one of the following:

-browning high-power (newer production)
-springfield M1A
-Ruger mini-14 (in .223)
-Sig P226
-russian-made makarov (in .380) **partial trade
-S&W .357 with about 4" barrel
-bolt action .308 in tactical configuration