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    Default New to me NAA Guardian .32 ACP Range Report

    Actually, a brief range report because I only had 2 boxes of Hornady Critical Defense XTP. I just bought the gun because it was in the case at King's and looked interesting. I had read about them, and the price was right. As a bonus, this came with the original box which contained a zipped case for the pistol and and an extra magazine (plus little padlock and all the papers in the box). So, I bought pistol and the 2 boxes of CD XTP that he had and went to the range.

    I was shooting indoors at French Creek Outfitters. I shot all 45 shots at 5 yards, 25 Yard rapid fire pistol target. The pistol's sights are primitive fixed sights and very narrow. I loaded the two magazines, put one in the pistol, chambered a round, aimed (one-hand unsupported hold) at the center black (the sights are not really easy to see), and fired. Hit in the ten ring. Next shots varied between the 8 and X, with most shots within the 9 ring about 30% within the 10 ring. Even rapid fire, the consistency was good. The pistol is a bit heavy for its size, so perceived recoil was truly negligible, even in my relatively small hands.

    As has been mentioned in other reports, there is a tendency for the last casing to stovepipe after being fired. This didn't happen every time, but did happen with some frequency. Unlike other reports, I must say that it was easy to clear, and there was no visible damage to the brass. These were very easy to clear. It's not consistent enough to be a substitute for the lack of lock back after the magazine is emptied. On the other hand, I habitually count shots, so I never fired that extra "dry" round either.

    After shooting, field stripping the pistol for cleaning was ridiculously easy. The barrel is fixed to the frame, so after clearing the pistol a push on the take-down button and a wiggle on the frame pops the slide, recoil spring and guide rod right out. Reassembly requires replacing the slide on the frame and partially pulling back on the trigger to bring the hammer back so that the slide can seat.

    I'm impressed. As far as I can tell with only 45 rounds and no FTFs, the pistol seems reliable. I will have to get my hands on more and keep trying. I have a feeling that this may end up as my summer carry pistol.
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    Default Re: New to me NAA Guardian .32 ACP Range Report

    I have one for years and have been very happy with and its versatiliy. I had wanted a Seecamp but it just wasn't feasable. I picked mine up just after NAA released them and people didn't know what they were yet. I use mine for summer carry, switching between it and my Luger LCP. It can bite the index finger a bit when firing for a long period of time, but now use gloves when I take this to the range. It's a great addition to any collection. Congrats...

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    Default Re: New to me NAA Guardian .32 ACP Range Report

    I don't own one but have heard good things about from the begining of my interest in guns. They have been around for a while now and still seem popular. That seems like a good sign to me.
    Good luck and report your next range trips results.
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