Come one come all, OC meet and greet at Jordan "Creek" parkway.

If I can figure out a good route to walk maybe even a nice 30hr "march" will be in order.

When? June 23, 11am till..we get tired..

Where? Jordan Creek Parkway at the pavilion near the single baseball diamond.

For directions look up Jordan Creek Parkway, off of Lehnert road. Whitehall, PA, 18052

Anyone that can bring maybe a frisbee, or even a couple gloves and some baseball's. There is MORE than enough room there for plenty of us to play and jump around, also perfect to fly a kite.

Across the road from this are Tennis courts, and Jordan creek which IS stocked with trout, as previously mentioned. There is also a full course for playing Disc Golf. And a really nice walking path.

Hope too see you all. PLEASE bring some snacks of simple type and PLENTY of water. I was thinking about maybe doing hot dogs on their B.S. Charcoal If anyone can help with providing the food and cooking it I would GREATLY appreciate it as It will be VERY difficult for me to do this all my self as I do not drive. So If a couple of us can ban together and maybe someone can bring some charcoal and some buns for the dogs, I will be bringing a cooler with a couple packs of dogs, chips, and bottled water.

I will personally be bringing two pack of dogs, Nathans, of course. and the Guitar and my rifle. Thanks to all that are planning to attend please let me know via PM so I can get and Idea on head count and what you will be bringing, other than your guns obviously

Hope to see you all there!!!

Long Live the Republic.