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    Default Colt 1911's...Funny Story

    So the other day I went out for a normal range trip, nothing out of the ordinary. Had a hour of shooting paper had my fun and was ready to go. I was with a buddy of mine and he wanted to check out a couple of the ar's in the shop for sale. I was looking around and saw a set of beautiful Colt 1911's, I think they were the government model. I looked at the price tag and was ready to cream myself! I read it to myself again 600$ for the pair?? I called the closest person over and said I'll take those! While he was walking over I noticed they it actually said 6,000$ for the pair. Lets just say I was a little embarrassed. I didn't bother even looking at them anymore, not saying they wouldn't be worth it I just don't have that kind of money to drop on two guns. I sure would have loved to though.

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    Default Re: Colt 1911's...Funny Story

    i hate it when i do that.

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    I've had something similar happen to me once... I saw a Sig P220 with a price tag of $425. I called the clerk over and was jumping up and down inside ready to buy it. The clerk happily picked up the gun, and much to my dismay and slight embarrassment, saw that the price tag for the Sig P2022 had landed on top of the P220's and I didn't notice. Thankfully the clerk suddenly realized why my face turned from ecstatic to shocked, and apologized for the mix up and disappointment. We both felt a little embarrassed by the mix up and laughed it off.

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