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Thread: Ruger 22/45

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    Default Ruger 22/45

    I'm considering buying a new .22. I have been looking at trying to scoop a mark2 or a mark3 but have recently came across the 22/45 lite and really like it. I haven't held one just youtube vids and google searches, but what do you guys think of them? Also my original search was for the hunter series but I like the idea of the 22/45 for the 1911 grip.
    Let me get some feedback on the Ruger .22's...

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    Default Re: Ruger 22/45

    My daughter has a 2245, not the new Lite one, hers is 3 years old and is the short bull bbl., she has put 4k rounds through it and has not had one ftf/fte in that time, once every 1k rounds a few patches are run through it, and the chamber and bolt face get a light scrub with a tooth brush, and a few drops of sewing machine oil is put on the bolt, other than that it is feed nothing but cci mini mags.

    When it starts to act up, then and only then will it be stripped for a good cleaning, nice gun, get one and use mini mags and you will have fun.
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    Default Re: Ruger 22/45

    My MkIII 22/45 runs like a champ and eats any ammo I feed it. I pretty much do what redeye202 suggested. A light cleaning when I'm done a range session and a thorough cleaning once or twice a year.
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