This Sunday, 5/13/12, the DCF&S hi-power range will be conducting a WWII themed 3-gun match. Course of fire consists of: eight (8) shots taken from a pump-action 12ga shotgun at steel plates placed at approximately 35 feet, Twenty (20) shots from a semi-automatic handgun at steel plates placed at about 20 feet and 8 shots at bowling pins placed at 100 yards. You will need to reload the shotgun once and will need four magazines for the handgun stage (five rounds per magazine).

The shotgun and pistol stages are timed. Each miss or procedural error adds 5 seconds to your overall time. Each hit with the rifle takes 5 seconds off. Lowest overall adjusted time wins.

Firearms must be of WWII military style. Examples of permissible handguns would be: 1911, Luger, P-38, Nambu or TT-33 Tokarev. WWII rifles would include M1 Garand or Carbine, 1903/1903A3, Mosin Nagant, SMLE, K98, Arisaka or Carcano. Iron sights only. We're pretty liberal on shotguns and will allow any 12ga pump gun without an exposed hammer (Remington 870, Ithaca 37, Winchester 1897, etc.).

The club will provide a rifle (1903A3) if you don't have one and many shooters will let you borrow their shotgun or pistol. Ammo will be available for a reasonable charge.

Ammo restrictions: Shotgun: Low brass using #8 or #9 shot only. Handgun: cast bullets only.

Classes: Military (fixed pistol sights) and Target (adjustable pistol sights).

Match Fee: $8 per shooter/class.

Payout: Depends on number of participants.

Time: 9AM - Noon. First time participants should arrive at 9AM for a short orientation.

This match is open to the public.