On Saturday, 4/28, the DCFS High-Power range will be holding the first of our six Smallbore Silhouette matches this year.

The course of fire is comprised of 40 shots taken from the offhand (standing) position at steel Chickens, Pigs, Turkeys and Rams set at distances of 40, 60, 77 and 100 yards (10 shots per animal) using .22 rimfire ammunition (no .17 cal). Although these are not NRA registered matches, NRA Smallbore silhouette rules will be applied. We will have Hunter and Target rifle classes.

Match participants who wish to sight-in their rifles at the various distances may do so starting at 8:30AM. We try to get the matches started by 9:30AM so please arrive early to sight-in. Due to time constraints we are limited to about 20 competitors (5 relays). Sign-ups are on a first-come, first serve basis.

These matches are open to the public. Match fee is $15 per competitor.

Please be aware that due to the fact that we will have target setters running back and forth every five minutes or so, both the high-power and black powder ranges will be closed to all other shooting activity on the morning of the 28th. The ranges should be open to normal shooting activity after 1 PM.