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    Default Blogger tells of Open Carry story

    This took place in Virginia, but is pretty interesting.

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    Default Re: Blogger tells of Open Carry story

    Last fall, my friend Pete Eyre decided to test Virginia’s “open carry” law, which allegedly allows citizens with a permit to carry an unconcealed handgun.
    Very first sentence is full of inaccuracies and misconception
    No "open carry law"
    No "allegedly"

    OC is de facto legal per Va law since the law does not prohibit it.
    Va is well known to be one of the most OC friendly states (thanks to folks actively OC'ing).

    As the article points out, if accurate and true, there is still the occasional issue with LEO and OC.

    If you follow the link to "Pete's" blog you'll see the PD is now more informed and hopefully the issue is on the route to being resolved. Kudos to "Pete" for following up.
    I got another response from M. Douglas Scott, chief of police of Arlington County Police Department per my request to know what steps he has implemented to ensure the ACPD will no longer violate the rights of law-abiding individuals. [Check out these posts for background about this incident.]
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