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    Default Guthsville Gun Club... what the heck?

    I applied to Guthsville gun club in December of 2011. I applied online, and sent in the $60 fee. I got an "unexpected error" when i submitted, so i called and left several messages, I also stated that i cant attend Monday safety briefs because i work till 9p, and I'm not replaceable. After 2 month, several unreturned phone messages and emails, I received an email last week tellin me I had my membership application accepted, but i still owed the $60, and had to attend a monday night meeting.

    Wtf, over?

    So I called again, left a message... Again. I emailed... Again. Still no response. Anyone have any idea what's going on over there?
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    Default Re: Guthsville Gun Club... what the heck?

    I have found that contacting them does take a bit of time (probably a couple of days) however I have always gotten a response.

    Try emailing Jamie Davis ( She has always been very pleasant to deal with.

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    Default Re: Guthsville Gun Club... what the heck?

    Email the President. He always responds to me in a day or so from his iPad.
    They had some issues with the website in renewals, etc. this past year. THey extended the renewal date to March 31 without having to pay the additional 30 bucks because of the technical issues. When they get it working right, it will be a pretty nice system.

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    Default Re: Guthsville Gun Club... what the heck?

    You might want to drop Pennsy a PM, he's a long time member there and might be able to get some ears and eyes looking at your problem.

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