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    Default Re: Why do people stock pile ammunition? How much is too much in terms of ammunition?

    If posted prior to this, please enjoy anyway.
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    Better buy it cheap and stack it deep now! Things are headed South in a hurry.

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    Default Re: Why do people stock pile ammunition? How much is too much in terms of ammunition?

    Quote Originally Posted by Knightshift View Post
    While I don't have a rifle (old 22 bolt action doesn't count) and just 2 pistolas, should I stock up on jhp or fmj for when the shtf. Have about 1k of fmj for range and maybe 200 jhp for you know what but the way things are going I'm thinking to add more but can't decide which I should fill the ammo boxes with. Will we be playing by NATO rules or militia rules?
    You really should have enough JHP carry ammo to last you a few years of carry. Depending how often you unload your gun and rechamber the same round 3 boxes could easily do it. I say this because when you get a panic you may not be able to get the particular ammo you use in a year or 2. FMJ will make holes in soft targets, jhp just tends to make bigger holes. My FMJ or cast ammo on hand always outnumbers my JHP ammo by a large margin. For 5.56 plain old M193 works good for cheap shooting and does good damage to soft targets since it is prone to tumbling once it hits said soft targets. It is not that expensive per box so even if you do not have a 5.56 rifle yet the M193 would still be good to have on hand. The 7.62X51 is good to have but the price of it adds up a lot faster than M193, even the cheap 7.62.

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