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    Default Re: guns you wish you didn't sell

    I only sold a few, one a Norinco SKS Paratrooper, I sold it back to the guy I got it from because he had regrets. I kept the other 2 though, good friend, no problem. I gave a few to my dad over the years, I'll get them back someday but hopefully not too soon.

    I'm usually buying from friends who sell.

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    Default Re: guns you wish you didn't sell

    I never sold any of my firearms. Even the old ones with scratches and dings all over them. They were used and they still will be. I just don't want to regret selling any of guns. I like my collection.

    I feel bad for the fellas who sold the Pythons.

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    Default Re: guns you wish you didn't sell

    Oh,man,where to start....over the last 45+ years....2 Colt .45 Gold Cups;6inch nickel pinned and recessed S&W M29;two,yes two,S&W K22 4-screw revolvers;a Colt SP-1 AR-15 with a 3x Colt scope purchased in 1983 for $300; a used Bulgarian SLR-96 (the one with the wood stock) purchased from John Browns Armory in 1999 for $275;Oh,just remembered,a S&W M58 .41 magnum,brand new,from a barber shop/gun store in Ligonier,PA,sometime in the 70's,for $107.00;a Browning P-35 Hi-Power,wartime gun,lots of tooling marks,holster stamped with the pistols serial number,$75 from Esman's in Pitcairn,PA,late 60's maybe. Could go on and on,but would just break my heart,LOL. Best to remember the ones we didn't dad's Remington Rand 1911A1 from WW2 that he had nickel plated in 1949 in occupied Japan,the year I was born;my Remington Nylon 12 .22 bolt action,my first real gun,purchased in 1960 at the Rhine-Maine Rod and Gun Club near Frankfort,Germany. Hell,maybe all this will convince you youngsters to hang on to your stuff,it's too damn hard to recapture the memories.

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    Default Re: guns you wish you didn't sell

    All of them. Nothing too irreplaceable though.

    CZ P07 Duty

    Kahr K40 Covert, that one would be hard to replace

    Bunch of J frames, most noticeably a 38-2 that had the greatest trigger I have every felt. I also got the gun for something like $229, so getting rid of that one was dumb dumb dumb.

    OD Green XD9 V10. I know you're enjoying it Jon, so I guess that helps soften the blow.

    Sometimes I miss having Glocks, but not enough to get any more. I'm pretentious enough to think that I deserve guns with more panache than a Glock.
    Selling off a a sizeable Spyderco collection here

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    Default Re: guns you wish you didn't sell

    A Remington 700 BDL in.270. That rifle could shoot 3 rounds in a nickle all day long, I sold it to my brother. I used the proceeds to buy a Savage 110 G 7mm mag, it shot like crap. I traded it even up for a SKS. ( I like that chicom sks)
    i cried and moaned about that .270 until My blushing bride went out and bought me an ADL in .270. Swweeeeet rifle. Not as nice wood as the BDL but still a real performer
    I told my brother he is NOT to sell that BDL rifle to anyone else.

    I am not allowed to sell any more guns.

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