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    Default Re: Firearm Transfer Fees List

    Westmoreland County Delmont Sport Shop (in Delmont, PA 15626 did a transfer for me last Tuesday for $25.00.

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    Default Re: Firearm Transfer Fees List

    Lebanon County, Dave Keefer Gunsmith, Pine Grove. Gun bought from shop-$5, PTP transfer-$10, gun sent to shop-$15.

    Cumberland County, Mechanicsburg Ordinance, !ecanicsburg. Gun sent to shop-$33.
    -gonzo, SoCenPA. "Before all else, be armed." --Niccolo Machiavelli

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    Default Re: Firearm Transfer Fees List

    Thank you for this list.
    Small correction: the shops in Newmanstown and Richland (Enck's, Daryl's and Richland) are all in Lebanon County.

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    Default Re: Firearm Transfer Fees List

    Carlisle Gun Works in Carlisle 20.00

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    Default Re: Firearm Transfer Fees List

    Hill Top Arms, LLC

    69 W Main St

    Waynesboro, PA 17268

    Internet and Personal Transfers - $20 first item, $15 each additional time

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    Default Re: Firearm Transfer Fees List

    Richland Shooter Supply has raised their ptp transfer to $25

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    Default Re: Firearm Transfer Fees List

    Just to let you guys know, I just received my FFL in January and will be doing $15 transfers. I am a non stocking dealer. Will be doing orders and transfers.

    check out my business

    Freedom Defense Resources
    Firearms - Training- Consulting
    Fredericksburg PA 17026
    717 933 5257
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    Freedom Defense Resources

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    Default Re: Firearm Transfer Fees List

    Quote Originally Posted by jtkratzer View Post
    Maybe we can get a sticky on this as gun shops come and go, prices change, etc...but it would be nice to have a reference on where shops are located, who will perform a transfer, and what they charge. I'll set this thread to instant email notification and if you post a shop and it's fee, or update for one listed, I'll change it in this post.

    The thread has gone from what's within 30 minutes of where I live in Lititz to a list of the shops in the entire region. I'm sure we haven't uncovered them all yet, but if you would like to contribute, please post and I'll list the shop here.

    Last update: 2/17/12 - removed closed shops and updated info from scavenged threads with what's been posted here.

    Adams County:
    - Redding's Hardware (Gettysburg) - $40.00

    Berks County:
    - Woody's Sporting Goods (Wernersville) - won't do it.

    Cumberland County:
    - Shooting the X - - $25

    Lancaster County:
    - DNA Weaponry (Copperfield Cir, Lititz) - $20
    - Gun Dealer Online (Rohrstown Road, Lancaster) - $40
    - Sportsman's Shop (New Holland) - said they don't do it under normal circumstances, and after asking what abnormal circumstances are, I got the dance of well it depends on who you are, what it is, if you're a regular, blah blah blah. I took that as "WE DON'T WANT YOUR BUSINESS." I'll go elsewhere and won't be back in your shop since you don't want to accommodate your customers.
    - Wholesale Shooter's Supply (Lititz) - No longer have a retail store, range is no longer available to the public. They're reloacating to what sounds like the Pacific NW.
    - Enck's Gun Barn (Newmanstown) - $25 + tax
    - Daryl's Gun Shop (Newmanstown) - $18
    - Kinsey's (Mount Joy) - $40
    - Trop Gun Shop (Elizabethtown) - $42.10
    - Collectors Gun Shop (Refton) $15.00 to receive and $20.00 for the transfer, $35.00 total. FTF in store for $20.00 dollars.
    - Musser's Outdoors (Ephrata) - Formerly Trout Run Sports - $40
    - Richland Shooter's Supply (Richland) $20 for the first, sounds like quantity discounts available.

    Lebanon County:
    - Shyda's (Lebanon) - $40
    - Glenn's Guns (Annville) - $25
    - Ron Shirk Shooting Supplies (Lebanon) - wholesale distributor. Sounds like case-by-case basis.

    York County:
    - W.E. Sell (Hanover) - $25.00.

    A couple shops I tried to reach who do not have hours on Mondays:
    - Kerpers (Narvon) - unknown, $15 in 2009 according to a thread on the forum.
    - Backwoods Outfitters (Columbia)

    Here's a thread from 2009 with some prices listed for Lanc/Leb/York and the contents of the thread listed below (only for stores I don't already have above):
    There's a good reference at

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    Default Re: Firearm Transfer Fees List

    We are a new gun shop in Sigel Pa at 233 old 36 rd. we charge $15 for a transfer and don't mind doing it even if you don't buy from us. We have to pay a fee for the transfer. We make very little money but more importantly it can get buyers into the store.

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