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    Default Re: Did you go shooting today (Pic thread)

    I had trap league tonight, shot a 23.
    I always stressed to my son"one shot one kill that was all that is needed". When He came home from Marine Corp Boot camp He was telling me about the Marines stressing "ONE SHOT ONE KILL" He looks at me and the light bulb went on Dad was now a whole lot smarter than he was 13 weeks ago.

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    Default Re: Did you go shooting today (Pic thread)

    Got out last weekend for a little fun

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    Default Re: Did you go shooting today (Pic thread)

    Quote Originally Posted by 27hand View Post
    A couple buddies of mine took a one day handgun class on Sunday.
    I stayed for moral support and corrected a few fundamentals issues they had but did not shoot.
    Today, I went out to my club and ran a few pistols.

    I did not shoot well and am taking a 3 day class over Memorial day, so need to brush up a bit to get up to speed.
    One of the drills will involve shooting on the move from 25 yards out and to the target with a reload enroute.

    This target is about the 3rd or 4th run.

    I stopped to get recaffinated.

    2018-05-02_10-24-50 by poofy27, on Flickr

    Practice practice. I ran about 250 rounds and ended up hitting better with the .40 than the 9mm.
    Nice earrings!

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    Default Re: Did you go shooting today (Pic thread)

    I went to the range to clear a lot of overhanging weeds, branches, small saplings from the training bay in preparation for the Handgun class I'm taking on Saturday through Monday.

    Knowing I'm old and don't have the drive, motivation or ambition to work hard anymore, I took this PA10 along to help me get through the trimming job.
    2018-05-21_09-49-47 by poofy27, on Flickr

    I had a cheap knockoff Aimpoint on it and just didn't like it. This Itac red dot was originally going to sit on my Chicom AK and I secided not to mount it .

    Now, the conundrum. I cant see the red dots clearly due to having stuck the ass end of a sawzall blade through my cornea.
    I have either 2 or 3 dots and one has a red lighted spur due to the cornea healing with scar tissue just off my sight plane.

    I shot this at 50 yds. The 2 nearest the center on the first attempt after adjusting for zero. I went and cut more saplings and came back to rest and shot 3 more. I think I used another dot for the second group.
    2018-05-21_08-57-00 by poofy27, on Flickr

    I ordered a cheap pair of rings for a 3X9 Bushnell scope I had and will mount that scope to see if one system is better than the other.

    2018-05-23_09-18-57 by poofy27, on Flickr
    I like it better than the red dot
    Last edited by 27hand; May 23rd, 2018 at 10:39 PM.
    Opinions are like anal apertures in that they all stink but mine.

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    Default Re: Did you go shooting today (Pic thread)

    I got to shoot my new (to me) Peruvian Mauser today. Also got to try out a new lower that I assembled. I really like the Geiselle rapid fire trigger in this. The SIG ambidextrous mag release works really well too (I'm a lefty). Oh, and I also got to try out a new set of Peltor Sports--they work much better than the earplugs I've been using for years. Here are some photos.

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    Default Re: Did you go shooting today (Pic thread)

    Finally got a range day in today Was able to take out some of the new additions. As expected, the Glock 23 and 26 shot flawlessly, as did the SIG 365 - very nice gun that will soon go into carry rotation! The Kimber micro 9 had issues returning to battery many times, like springs not strong enough to bring it back ? It did get a little better after a few mags through it so will have to take out again. As for my 80% build - issues Had failure to feed issues. Then failure to eject which started as ejecting straight up ( one landing right down my shirt front - nice ) then getting jammed trying to eject, then failure to eject all together. Bummed, but will have her looked at by a gunsmith friend and figure it out.

    upload temporary image
    "Tastefully Pimptastic"

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    Default Re: Did you go shooting today (Pic thread)


    haven't been out in awhile. But when i do i'm taking a few hundred rounds of .32 to try out all the stuff I've gotten in the last year.
    Wacky D is not a rapper, Wacky D is an entertainer !

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    Default Re: Did you go shooting today (Pic thread)

    Today was the first time that my wife, daughter and I ever went shooting together. My wife hasn't been shooting in years, so I was very surprised how well she shot.

    I"m building her a 9MM with RMR sight as it helps with the training. I had a great time seeing my wife and daughter shoot.

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    Default Re: Did you go shooting today (Pic thread)

    The missus brought out her 5.56 x 45 with 4x Acog and proned-out, she spanked everything out to 700 yds. with 77 gr. Sierra BTHP reloads.

    I brought out my AIAW in 7.62 x 51 with a 5x20 Vortex and did the same (although not as fast or fashionable). Finished with the AIAW and a rapid fire 10 shot group into the neck of the steel target at 500 yds.

    Then she insisted I shoot hers and did two rapid fire mag dumps at 200 yds. Impossible to miss with her set-up...

    Sorry no pics, but we were as happy as we were dead-dog tired at the end...

    Perfect weather and little if any wind.

    Celebrated by stopping at Shady Maple for two pretzel dogs and a much needed ice cream cone...
    - bamboomaster

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    Default Re: Did you go shooting today (Pic thread)
    Yeap spent a little quiet time at the range with the 8.5" 300.
    it's only metal, we can out think it....

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