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    Default Dumb holster question - Sig P250

    I'm guessing that this is a dumb question. Probably the answer is "It depends." But I'm hoping avoid the time and expense of creating the usual "Box o' holsters" that seems to accompany a new carry purchase.

    So, what do you recommend for concealed carry for the Sig P250? I'm not looking for invisibility under close scrutiny. Wearing an over shirt, vest or jacket is acceptable to help conceal.

    I'm 5'-10", 170 lbs., medium build. One caveat though, one of the joys of advancing age is that the distribution of body fat changes and accumulates around the middle, so IWB is less comfortable.

    Thoughts? And thanks.
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    Default Re: Dumb holster question - Sig P250

    I have a P250 and I use either my Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe or my Old Faithful depending on which one I pick up first. Both are great holsters... the Old Faithful was way less pricey though.

    I would highly recommend either. The gun disappears when wearing dress clothing or just a T-Shirt & jeans.

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    Default Re: Dumb holster question - Sig P250

    The Raven Concealment Phantom is my first choice in carry holsters. I own two now & have two in the production queue. He always has a big backlog though, so it's not instant gratification.
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    Default Re: Dumb holster question - Sig P250

    If your a little frugal like me, I had a DeSantis speed scabbard for mine. {3 slot} It held the gun nice and tight to the body and should be fairly easy to find one in stock.
    Make sure you have a nice sturdy belt, which I consider more important than the actual holster. I found a really nice belt from Levi Strauss for $16. It hauls my 40oz S&W around very nicely.
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