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Thread: how do i choose

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    Default how do i choose

    as a new pa resident coming from the nazi regime of NY i was awestruck at the laws.. heres the issue, gun ranges i called do not rent handguns, figured id give it a shot. how do i know what is appropriate for me, its not like buying a rifle or a shotgun, am interested in getting something soon, i will be taking the safety course shortly, any help is appreciated or even a gun range in the erie area that rents, only one i can find is bobs and they dont rent em
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    Check either online or the yellow pages of the phone book for shooting ranges (especially indoor due to it being Erie).

    If you find nothing listed call or better yet, stop by, one of your local gun shops.

    Explain to them what you told us - they may know somewhere to check out.

    If you can find a range go hang out and ask the shooters questions.

    My wife and I did so.

    One of the greatest things about gun owners are they may be the friendliest people you will ever meet.

    They will explain what they have, what they like, what they dislike, and many will offer for you to shoot what they have with them.

    Here is your gold mine of information you are looking for.

    At the very top of the forum page here you will see "COUNTIES" just to the left of "CONTACT".

    Open the COUNTIES page and look for yours.

    This will lead you to other gun owners from your area.


    Remember regarding gun information - a gun shop wants to sell you guns and they will tell all the good, where a gun owner is not trying to sell you a gun and so they will tell you what they know.

    I have already pushed gently a gun shop owner questions about reliability of a certain manufacturer of hand guns - and after one or two "they are all good" lines - he opened up as a friend and told me what he has heard and found.

    Semi auto hand guns are different from Revolvers and Single action Revolvers are different from Double Action Revolvers in feel and shooting.

    So don't get overwhelmed but enjoy the ride of finding out about various guns and manufacturers.

    But remember, go hang out with some gun owners at a range and ask questions - they won't let you down.

    God bless!!

    I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. - Jesus Christ

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    Default Re: how do i choose

    As a person new to semi-auto handguns, I have to tell ya, you're in the right place. I grew up hunting and plinking, and I became interested in home defense when we had some issues in our old neighborhood. I stumbled upon this sight while researching Glock 9mm's and there is a wealth of information. I've seen quite a few PFOA folks that are from Erie, so I'm sure you'll get steered in the right direction. Maybe try posting something in the classifieds... for a small fee you might find some folks willing to meet up at a local range. Good luck!

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    Default Re: how do i choose

    I would suggest once you DO hook up with someone nice enough to let you tryout their guns, you bring ammo with you to the range in the caliber you are trying out.

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