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Thread: Gun Rentals

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    Default Gun Rentals

    Hello All -

    Anyone know of any ranges that rent guns? I am looking to buy a G19 however would like to shoot one to make sure it's a great fit before I buy it.

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    It would be a haul for you, but Sunset Hill in Stroudsburg, PA rents guns. I've never gone there so I don't know how their selection is.

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    Default Re: Gun Rentals

    Closest I can think of for you is Freedom Armory in Glen Rock. Exit 8 off I-83.

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    Default Re: Gun Rentals

    Post something on the pistol forum/cc forum asking to try out whatever pistol(s) you want. I would suggest bringing quality ammo to share with the owner while you try it out or maybe you have something he/she wants to try shooting. Who knows? Maybe you trade stuff through a FFL.

    No harm in trying.

    Sorry, I am a 1911 guy.

    If near Brandywine Battlefield/Chadds Ford, PA - TargetMaster has Glock rentals too.
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