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    Default Re: great traffic stop encounter

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Turtles View Post
    Once the occupant stated that he did have a weapon in the car,the officer had probable cause to either remove the occupant from the vehicle or secure the firearm.Being that the officer would have to reach across the body of the driver or enter from another door.Removing the driver and then securing the firearm makes sense.

    How safe would you feel if the driver say "yes i have a loaded gun in my car,within arms reach" and then going and running the occupants information knowing that he has a live firearm.

    The officer would make the firearm safe,find that the OP had a valid LTCF and no warrants and thus conducted the traffic stop accordingly.
    Just no. Having a firearm when I'm licensed to carry said firearm in my vehicle doesn't automatically make me a dangerous psychopath who is going to shoot an officer because I made an illegal left turn and got caught for it. It's this kind of thinking, the "suspend constitutional rights for so-called officer safety" philosophy that creates and enables cops who feel justified in overstepping their boundries on a daily basis.

    OP wasn't a threat, siezing his gun wasn't proper (nor legal until OP approved), and OP's approving attitude of the situation is disheartening for everyone who values their 2nd and 4th amendment rights.

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    Default Re: great traffic stop encounter

    Quote Originally Posted by BimmerJon View Post
    Thread title is false.

    If this was a good encounter, a colonoscopy is foreplay
    Best quote EVER!!!

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