First I would lie to say hello. I joined this site quite a while ago and decided to post finally. A friend and I just recently joined hellertown sportsmans association. If anybody is familiar with the area, there's a no left turn sign at the main intersection leaving the club. I didn't notice the sign and as I made the left there happen to be a Lower Saucon LEO sitting right across the way. He pulled me over and told me about the sign and asked where we we going and had come from. I told him we had just left the club on our way home. He asked where the guns were and I told him all but one were in the trunk and that I had my LTCF and my loaded, holstered, 1911 in the center console. He asked me to step out, and I did. He picked up the gun, my LTCF and DL and all other paperwork, and came back 5 mins later with my paperwork and gun and told me, since I was upfront and honest with him, no citations would be issued for the left turn. So the guys in Lower Saucon are alright by me.